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Soil and Climate


Sustainable gardening is about using plants that are not only adapted to their environment but also thrive together to create a harmonious plant community. The complex level of knowledge required to achieve this (soils, climates, plants, ecology...) can make it a long and difficult task to establish a cohesive planting plan.
Neflio makes your job easier with your geolocation

Your geolocation

By geolocating you, we are able to know the climatic data and the soil characteristics in order to pre-select a range of plants adapted to your garden

Climate change

Global climate change is altering the nature of our soils. Neflio uses up-to-date information to ensure that our algorithms always suggest the right plants


Garden style

Garden styles

Several styles are at your disposal to best personalize the future garden you need.

As you are unique, you can of course customize the styles, so that your garden looks like you

Our teams work hard to ensure that our algorithm proposes the most harmonious gardens possible.


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